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FC Santa Claus Juniors was founded in 1994 and we specialize in junior football.

Hobby opportunities for all ages can be found in our club: Family Football (3-4 years old), Santa Claus League (4-12 years old), Hobby League (13-17 years old), Rovaniemi Girls League (girls 3-17 years old), Women’s Relaxed Football and Men’s Hobby Football.

More purposeful teams for boys and girls as well as for women and men can be found from the age of six until open end. In 2021, we have over 500 players and even more (passive) members.

Our activities are guided by the common values ​​of the club: Communality, physical activity, education. We follow the “Vision 2025” that we have created together. More information on these can be found on the Finnish version of our website.

The club’s staff consists of three permanent employees and one part-time employee. The coaches and team members in our company are mainly volunteers – students, juniors and parents, who we train to do their jobs.

Welcome to Santa’s official club!

Below you find some information about our club. For a comprehensive list, please visit our Finnish section.




Keltakangas 1
96300 Rovaniemi


The entrance is behind the Steiner school’s playground.

Opening times:
Mo & We 12.00 – 18.00
Tu & Th 09.00 – 16.00
Fr by appointment

Home stadium:

Saarenkylän urheilukenttä
Napapiirintie 10, 96900 SAARENKYLÄ


Additional fields:

We play and train also on all of the other available fields in town. A complete list of fields can be found on the Finnish version of our website.


Our club has a couple of employees as well as a voluntary board. Please refer to our contact page for further information.


FCSCJ Seuran viralliset säännöt (PDF-document in Finnish language, 198 KB)


The purpose of our club’s activities is to provide targeted, high-quality, community-focused football hobbies and competitions for children, young people, families and club members.

Vision 2025

We are a growing and developing football club which is attractive to players due to the high quality of our offerings for junior footballers (girls and boys).

Our values


  • The players grow into exemplary children and young people on the playing field, as well as outside of the field.
  • Respect for others.
  • No to bullying.
  • No to racism.
  • Cooperation.
  • Team spirit.

Physical activity

  • Sports
  • competition
  • movement
  • hobbies
  • healthy lifestyle


  • The joy of football for everyone from baby to grandparents.
  • The club works strongly on the basis of volunteering, which aims to make the cost of the hobby reasonable.
  • In order to maintain extensive operations and continuity, the company also has employees.
  • The cornerstone of the club’s activities are the children and young people involved and the families who come with them.
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