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perheiden seura

You can support our friendly family football club by becoming a member of our fanclub “Santa’s Little Helpers”.

Show the world (or at least your friends) that you’re a joyful, christmassy and friendly football fan by becoming an official international supporter of the most joyful, christmassy and friendliest football club South* of Santa’s home in Korvatunturi.

*There don’t exist any football clubs North of Korvatunturi.


Price: 24€ per year

The supportership always counts for the whole year from 1.1.-31.12., even if you sign up later in the year. 24€ is the most christmassy price we could think of.

Your supportership will automatically end on 31.12. of the year, but we will send you an option to renew your supportership. If you accept, you receive a 10% discount for the following year(s).

What do you get as a regular supporter?

  • an official supportership card in PDF-format
  • discounts at our club’s partners (list in Finnish language)
  • one free coffee or tea at every FC SCJ home game you visit*
  • the positive feeling that you support the most christmassy football club in the world
  • Santa approves!

*Applies to all our teams, but only if there is a cantina or kiosk offered for that game. If you attend a game, make sure to have your supportership card with you, either as a file on your phone or as a print-out. Without that, the people serving the coffee won’t be able to verify your supportership claim.

Become a supporter right now via Paypal:

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